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Thomas H. Brikowski


B.Sc., Geology, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, 1979
M.S., Geology, University of Oregon, Eugene, 1983
Ph.D., Geology, University of Arizona, Tucson, 1987


My primary research interest is focused on the development and application of numerical approaches to problems of sub-surface fluid migration and solute or heat transport encountered in geology, hydrology, and environmental engineering.

Research Interests

Research areas include the following:

  • climate change and its impact on water resources and health
  • quantitative models of hydrothermal/geothermal systems with emphasis on supercrtical fluid conditions and isotopic alteration-based model calibration
  • practical evaluation of potential contaminant transport and natural attenuation for the purpose of Wellhead Protection geophysical approaches toward remote sensing of soil moisture variations, with particular regard to civil engineering problems
  • application of water-rock chemical interaction to quantify ground-and surface-water flow system behavior quantitative evaluation and prediction of natural attenuation (degradation) of contaminants and viruses, including effects of microbial and rock-reaction processes
  • scientific visualization of three-dimensional (3-D), transient datasets (i.e. computer model results), emphasizing computer animation and 3-D graphical techniques (e.g. 3D hydrogeologic models)
  • improved methods for finite element analysis in fluid dynamics and chemical transport problems

Dissertations and Theses Supervised

Tai-Chyi Shei,  2007. PhD, Dissertation: Applications of surface electrical resistivity surveys and modflow modeling in Smoky Hill River aquifer, Kansas

Indra Kshattry, 2007.  PhD, Dissertation: Modeling arsenic in the wells of Nepal

Emilia Marie Ramirez Ugalde, MS, 2002. Thesis: Development of an innovative steam bank erosion survey method and application at Wilson Creek, Heard Museum Nature Conservancy, McKinney, Collin County, East Trinity River Basin, Texas.

Horatiu V. Corbeanu, MS, 2000.  Thesis: An active landslide  investigation and prediction case study: Eastern Carpathian Mountains, Romania.

Recent Publications

Brikowski, T. H., 2008. “Doomed Reservoirs in Kansas, USA? Climate Change and Groundwater Mining on the Great Plains Lead to Unsustainable Surface Water Storage”, J. Hydrol., 354(1-4):90-101, DOI 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2008.02.020

Brikowski, T. H., Faid, A. M., 2006. Pathline-Calibrated Groundwater Flow Models of Nile Valley Aquifers, Esna, Upper Egypt. J. Hydrology, 324(1-4):195-209

Brikowski, T. H., Smith, L. S., Shei, T.-C., Shreshtha, S. D., 2005. Electrical resistivity as a predictor of groundwater arsenic concentration in South Asia. Journal of Nepal Geological Society, p. 8.

Brikowski, T. H., Faid, A. M., 2003. Pathline-Calibrated Groundwater Flow Models of Nile Valley Aquifers, Esna, Upper Egypt in Proceedings of the Joint US-Egypt Science and Technology Workshop on Remote Sensing and Hydrology, Cairo, Egypt; 18 p.

Brikowski, T. H., Shei, T. C., 2002. Final Report: Sustainable Yield from the Smoky Hill River Wellfield, Schoenchen, KS. project report, Geosciences Dept., U. Texas-Dallas, Richardson, TX.

Brikowski, T. H., Shei, T. C., 2002. Smoky Hill River Wellfield Aquifer Geometry, as Determined by Surface Resistivity Surveys. project report, Geosciences Dept., U. Texas-Dallas, Richardson, TX.

Brikowski, T. H., 2001. “Modeling Supercritical Systems With Tough2: The EOS1sc Equation of State Module and a Basin and Range Example”, Geothermal Resources Council Transactions, v. 25, p. 285-289

Brikowski, T. H., 2001. “Deep Fluid Circulation and Isotopic Alteration in The Geysers Geothermal System: Profile Models”, Geothermics, Elsevier Publishing, v. 30, n. 2-3, p. 333-347.

Brikowski, T. H., 2001. “Modeling Supercritical Systems With Tough2: Preliminary Results Using the EOS1sc Equation of State Module”, Proceedings: Twenty-Sixth Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, v. 26, Report SGP-TR-168, 8 pp.

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