Department of Geosciences

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Faculty and Research

William I. Manton


B.Sc. (Hons), University of the Witwatersrand
M.Sc., University of the Witwatersrand
Ph.D., University of the Witwatersrand

Research Interests

Tracing lead pollution in the environment by means of isotope ratios. Mobilization of lead from the skeleton during pregnancy, lactation, and across the menopause. Lead poisoning from gunshot wounds. Relationship between the concentration of lead in blood plasma and erythrocytes.

Bioavailability of lead in soil.

Geological, and especially geochronological, studies in Central America.

Industrial Interactions

  • ESA Inc., BioRad Corp., Centers for Disease Control
  • Expert witness, American Environmental Safety Institute v. Mars, Inc., et. al

Theses supervised

Christopher Bishop, MS, 1999.  A combined Mg/Ca-Sr/Ca paleothermometry technique using thermal ionization mass spectrometry.

Renee Southerwood, MS, 1986.  Late Cretaceous limestone clast conglomerates of Honduras.


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Kimura, J-I., W.I. Manton, C-H. Sun, S. Iizumi, T. Yoshida, and R.J. Stern, 2002. Chemical diversity of the Ueno basalts, Central Japan : Identification of mantle and crustal contributions to arc basalts. Journal of Petrology 43, 1923-1946.

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  • Updated: March 20, 2007