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School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Faculty and Research

Kent C. Nielsen

Professor Emeritus


PhD, University of British Columbia, 1978
MS, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1972
B.Sc. (honors), University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1968

Research Interest

Quantitative structural geology with additional emphasis on the tectonic implications.

Field studies include analysis of polyphase deformational histories in metamorphic sequences, complete three dimensional strain analysis in complexly deformed areas, geometrical analysis within fold and thrust belts, kinematic analysis of mylonitic rocks, application of detailed geophysical studies to clarify geometrical relationships, and integration of isotopic dating to constrain age relationships.

Laboratory studies in the UT Dallas rock deformation laboratory have included study of ductile mechanisms in amphiboles and micas, brittle mechanisms in sandstones, sliding friction studies, and preliminary evaluation of physical properties of sandstone.

New research activities include the application of GPS., remote sensing and digital mapping to analyze active geological structures.

Dissertations and Theses supervised

David B. Williamson, MS, 2003. Thesis: Polyphase deformation of the eastern Central Province, Oklahoma Ouachita Mountains: evidence in support of episodic orogenesis.

David McDonald, PhD, 2003. Dissertation: Fault reactivation: The picuris-Pecos fault system of North-Central New Mexico.

Gaye Belles, MS, 2000. Thesis: Crenulation cleavage evolution during polyphase deformation, Picuris Mountains, New Mexico.

Patricia F. DuBois, MS, 1998. Thesis: Structural and geochemical investigation of the Mineral Creek Fault Zone, Carrizo Mountains, Texas.

Jeanne E. Glahn, MS, 1997. Thesis: Tumbledown Formation, Van Horn, Texas: A Grenville-Age series of Transpressive Basins.

Billy Joe Smith, MS, 1994. Thesis: Static versus broadband-dynamic elastic moduli measurements for correlation of laboratory and in-situ rock data.

Qingming Yang, PhD, 1993. Dissertation: Deformation of the Broken Bow Uplift, Ouachita Mountains, Southeast Oklahoma.

Mario Valderrama, MS, 1993. Thesis: Three-dimensional seismic interpretation, rontal zone of Ouachita Mountains, Hartshorne, Oklahoma.

Margaret M. Avard, MS, 1991. Thesis: Structural evolution of the Ladron Mountains, Socorro County, New Mexico.

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