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Ignacio Pujana

Associate Professor


Ph.D., Geosciences, 1997
M.S. Geology, The University of Texas at Dallas, 1993
B.S., Geology, Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia, Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, 1985

Research Interests

In 1997, I began to lecture at UTD teaching The Oceans, a self-paced interdisciplinary science course. Over the last several years I have been teaching a number of lower- and upper-level undergraduate courses, first as a Teaching Assistant, and then as a Lecturer fully responsible for lectures and labs. Currently, I am involved in the following courses: Oceanography, Paleontology, Earthquakes and Volcanoes, GRELA and Physical and Historical Geology.

In addition to formal teaching, I am actively involved in training and supervising students to use the Scanning Electron Microscope Facility; to prepare, and perform observations and to process, and interpret the resulting images. I have trained more than a dozen of students (both undergraduate and graduate).

My main research interests are stratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and micropaleontology as a working tool. My thesis "Middle Jurassic Radiolaria from Chacay Melehue, Cordillera Del Viento, Neuquén, Argentina " established the first biostratigraphic radiolarian assemblages for this classic locality. The abundance of ammonites in the Neuquén Basin provides the base for a detailed biostratigraphy that makes this an ideal place to study evolving microfossils, particularly Radiolaria. This group of microfossils intensively studied only in the past thirty years need to be calibrated to the classic ammonite zones defining the Jurassic- Cretaceous stratigraphy. I plan to extend future research to other related Mesozoic basins of South America. Some prime targets include the Los Caracoles Section (Oxfordian), in North Chile and Los Vilos Section (Triassic -Lower Jurassic), in Central Chile. While many gaps remains to be filled by future work, these radiolaria assemblages provide a powerful new tool for refined stratigraphic study of Jurassic - Lower Cretaceous basins of Gondwanaland. One of my ambitions is to apply them to cherts and metamorphosed rocks of Tierra del Fuego -Antarctic Peninsula Island Arc.

I am also presently coauthoring with Dr. D. Boltovskoy ( Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires ) a chapter "Radiolaria" for the classic paleontology textbook " Invertebrados Fósiles (2º Edición) " in Spanish.

Representative Publications

Pujana, I. and P. G. Quilty (2002). "High latitude, late Campanian (Cretaceous) Radiolaria from offshore south-eastern Tasmania." Alcheringa 26 (1-2): 249-260.

Pujana, I., 1996. A new Lower Jurassic radiolarian from the Neuquén Basin, central west Argentina. XIII. Congreso Geológico Argentino y III Congreso de Exploración de Hidrocarburos, Actas V: 133-142.

Pujana, I., 1996. Occurrence of Vallupinae (Radiolaria) in the Neuquén Basin ; biostratigraphic implications. In: Advances in Jurassic research.Ed: Riccardi, A. C. GeoResearch Forum, vol.1-2, pp.459-465, Zurich,1996.

Pujana, I.,1995, Two evolutionary events in the Subfamily Vallupinae (Radiolaria) in the Tithonian of Mendoza Formation, Neuquén Basin Argentina : V Congreso Argentino de Paleontología y Bioestratigrafia. 213-220. Trelew, 1995.

Pujana, I.,1991, Pantanellidae (Radiolaria) from the Tithonian of the Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén, Argentina. Neues Jarb. Geol. Pal. Abh. 180(3): 391-408, Stuttgart, 1991.

E. Musacchio, Pujana I., and C. Beros, 1990, Microfósiles continentales del J/K en Chubut y su contribución a la bioestratigrafía de la Cuenca del G.S.J, Argentina. In: Bioestratigrafía de los Sistemas Regionales del Jurásico y el Cretácico de América del Sur. Ed: W. Volkheimer, Buenos Aires, 2: 355-371.

Pujana, I., 1989, Stratigraphical Distribution of the Multicyrtids Nassellariina (Radiolaria) at the Jurassic- Cretaceous Boundary in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina., Zbl. Geol. Palaont. Teil I, (5-6), Stuttgart.

Pujana, I.,1989, Hallazgo de invertebrados marinos neopaleozóicos en Tres Lagunas (Departamento de Rio Senguer) Provincia del Chubut y sus implicancias paleogeográficas. Actas IV Congreso Arg. de Paleontología y Bioestratigrafía. (4):10-28. Mendoza.

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