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Linda Smith

Research Scientist


B.S., Geology, University of Colorado
M. S., Geology, University of Virginia
Ph.D., Geosciences, The University of Texas at Dallas


Concerned about water-quality control issues, Dr. Smith's research focuses on studying the effects of deforestation on arsenic in the soil and understanding the release mechanisms of arsenic into groundwater from geobiochemical pathways.

Research Interests

Identifying geologic sources of arsenic in the Nepal Himalayas and understanding the role deforestation plays in soil arsenic in South Asia as well as the release mechanisms of arsenic into groundwater from geobiochemical pathways; correlating carbonate sequence stratigraphy (3rd, 4th and 5th cycles) with paragenetic sequences (diagenesis) to determine paleoclimate; developing an Earth Systems approach to the carboniferous; understanding the role plate tectonics plays in paleoclimate; and nderstanding the role paleoclimate plays in basin development.

Conference Addresses


UN Inter-regional Conference on Water Quality - Arsenic Mitigation, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, People’s Republic of China, 23 - 26 November 2004, "Arsenic Research and Mitigation in Nepal"

Khowpa College of Environmental Science, Bhaktapur Municipality, November 2004, "The Ecology of Arsenic in Nepal"

Nepal Geological Society Meeting, April 2004,"Results from an Arsenic Pilot Study in Nepal: Rocks, Rivers, Soil, and Hair"

Arsenic Research Workshop, Kathmandu Nepal, May 2004, "Arsenic Results from 2002-2004 Research"

United States

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Dallas, TX, "Research with a Heart"

The University of Texas at Dallas, Geosciences Seminar, "Research with a Heart"

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