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UT Dallas Geosciences Ph.D. Student Mohammed S. Alfarhan Wins the 2007 SCAUG Student Competition

SCAUG is the South Central Arc User Group, an organization dedicated to the benefit of users of ESRI's Geographic Information software in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands.

The objective of the Competition is to challenge students to demonstrate the use of Geographic Information Systems in their field of study and in the community. This year's is the 17th annual SCAUG conference and will be held April 11th through the 13th in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This Year's Students Competition Submissions was:

  1. Areal Interpolation Methods using Land Cover and Street Data Jeff Bourdier
  2. “MAJOR CHAOS IN HOUSTON” Sanjuanita Segura, V. Holmes
  3. Winner--Real time Integration of Laser Rangefinders and ArcGIS to capture 3D Geology Features Mohammed Alfarhan, Carlos Aiken
  4. Food Retail Accessibility and Food Desert Chien-Chou, Chen
  5. Accuracy Assessment of Individually Calibrated Journey-to-Crime Geographic Profiling Models Tania Pal, Michael Leitner
  • Updated: March 27, 2007