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UT Dallas Geosciences Students Find Human Skull

4/29/07 – A group of geosciences students were photographing outcrops of the Austin chalk along the Trinity River south of Dallas when they stumbled upon a human skull. The students noted the skull’s location with Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates and notified the Dallas Police Department. The students then assisted the officers in locating the skull, which was obscured by heavy brush about 2 miles into a wooded area.

“It was human skull, lying upside down, missing the lower jaw with some teeth still in the upper jaw,” said Amanda Jones, a geosciences graduate student. “It looks like it was probably in the river and was deposited along with overbank flooding.”

Alex Biholar, an undergraduate geosciences student, said, "It had probably brushed over to one of the banks and deposited that way... But, uh, it was just kind of sitting there; a couple of teeth left in its upper jaw."

A newscast with comments by Mr. Biholar can be viewed at[email protected].

  • Updated: May 7, 2007