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Announcing the George McMechan Student Support Fund

George McMechan serves as Director of both the Center for Lithospheric Studies and the Geophysical Consortium (an industrial affiliates program) at UT Dallas.  He has 36 years of experience in geophysical research in academia, industry and government.

He is an expert in wave field transformations and innovation in data processing technology and has more than 230 refereed publications. He has supervised more than 55 students through completion of their graduate degrees in such fields as seismology and ground-penetrating radar research. He has taught courses in reflection seismology, computational seismology, seismic modeling, seismic inversion, geophysical techniques and rock physics.

In 1997, George McMechan was awarded the prestigious Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal for technical achievement by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. His research activities have focused on the development and implementation of new algorithms for numerical simulation of scalar, acoustic, elastic, viscoelastic, anisotropic and poroelastic media and their corresponding imaging and inversion procedures.

His current projects include velocity analysis algorithms, development of procedures for using nine-component seismic data and cluster computing.

Mr. McMechan holds a bachelor of applied science degree in geological engineering from the University of British Columbia and a master’s degree in physics (geophysics) from the University of Toronto.

The George McMechan Student Support Fund

A generous gift from an alumna has helped initiate efforts to establish an endowment fund in George McMechan’s honor.  The purpose of the George McMechan Student Support Fund is to provide much-needed support for graduate students conducting research at the Center for Lithospheric Studies. 

Your gift to the George McMechan Student Support Fund would be a meaningful tribute to him.  All gifts to this endowment are tax deductible, and as you may know, many companies have matching gift programs for their employees’donations. 

Give online at the Make a Gift to NS&M site, please select the George McMechan Student Support Fund in the designation box.  (remember you can always go to the NS&M homepage, and select Quick Link: “Make a Gift to NS&M.”)   

Mr. McMechan will be notified of all gifts and correspondence. If you any have questions, please contact Barbara Hollis, at (972) 883-6407.

Thank you for your consideration!

  • Updated: August 12, 2015