Kristian Soegaard Endowed Memorial Scholarship

The fund was set up in 2002 after Dr. Kristian Soegaard’s death in a hiking accident in Norway and endowed in 2005. This scholarship provides for undergraduate or graduate students’ tuition, fees, books and/or expenses related to field trips that enhance student learning and research.

Dr. Soegaard was an inspiring teacher and researcher in the geosciences department at The University of Texas at Dallas for 15 years. He was a superb teacher, both in the classroom and in the field. His research interests ranged from the oldest rocks on Earth to relatively young mountain building events in Mexico. His breadth of knowledge and willingness to share it made him an outstanding advisor and colleague.

In 1998, he moved to Norsk Hydro’s Research Center in Bergen, Norway, where he was a senior geologist working with exploration and reservoir issues until his death. There he continued his role as teacher and mentor while working as a senior geologist. At Norsk Hydro he developed great skills in reservoir modeling and did an outstanding job developing reservoir models for increased oil recovery in the Oseberg field area. In his last year, Dr. Soegaard worked on developing geological applications in the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE). He was a key person in developing a new method to utilize field geological data in combination with reservoir models to improve work practices and routines. This work was almost done when he died.

He loved the outdoors and was a vigorous advocate for protecting the environment. While at UTD he supervised 20 graduate students and was a pivotal part of the undergraduate curriculum. Dr. Soegaard died in 2002 in a hiking accident along a mountain trail in Norway. His strong interest in the natural world was reflected in his choice of extracurricular activities, such as bird watching, skiing, and hiking. Dr. Soegaard’s greatest passion was the mountains.

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