Department of Geosciences

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Dallas Gem and Mineral Society Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship provides awards for full-time graduate or undergraduate students on a semester basis. Preference is given to students with financial need who are in good standing. The number of scholarships awarded per year depends on the funds available and the number of eligible students.

Anton L. Hales Endowed Fellowship in Geophysics

This fellowship is awarded annually to a graduate student (U.S. citizen) in geophysics. It includes payment of tuition and fees for 12 hours of study each long semester. The program head, graduate advisor, and geophysics faculty review applicants to identify those with the greatest potential for success in geophysics.

Dr. Oscar Wilhelm Memorial Student Research Fund Endowment

This endowment assists graduate students in the geosciences department through loans or grants in connection with travel expenses, field trip expenses, mapping, and expenses incidental to drafting, preparation, reporting, and delivering of theses and dissertations and other research papers not covered by tuition that further students’ learning and research.

James B. Urban Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship helps undergraduate and graduate students in the geosciences department, with preference given to those studying paleontology.

Dr. and Mrs. John G. Scales Endowed Scholarship in Geosciences

These funds provide support for deserving undergraduate and graduate students majoring in geosciences.

Kristian Soegaard Endowed Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship provides for undergraduate or graduate students' tuition, fees, books, and/or expenses related to field trips that enhance learning and research.

Victor Oppenheim Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship sponsors full- or part-time graduate or undergraduate students in good standing. The scholarship award minimum is $1,000 with preference given to those with financial need.

Other scholarships may be paid at the discretion of the department from unrestricted funds.

  • Updated: August 19, 2008