Undergraduate Advising

Geosciences is one of the few departments on campus to have a faculty advisor for undergraduate majors. The departmental advisor is currently Dr. Tom Brikowski. You should visit him for geology-related advice at least once a year. He’ll help you map out your classes, discuss career options, and keep you on the geosciences track.

The School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics also provides advisors who will help you navigate your undergraduate studies. The NS&M advisors are especially important for handling transfer credits, managing your Texas Core Curriculum requirements, and troubleshooting any registration problems.

Advisors rely on your degree plan forms, so please review these online documents in advance.

Geosciences Majors

Freshmen should visit the NS&M advisor to declare their major as soon as possible. Visit the departmental advisor afterward to learn about career options and the classes you can take to further your plans. Physical Geology (GEOS 1301/1101) and Earth History (GEOS 1330/1130) are the important introductory classes; take these as early as possible.

Transfer Students

Transfer students should visit the NS&M advisor as soon as possible to sort out their transfer credits. Then visit the departmental advisor to clarify where you stand in the geosciences track. Students should take Rocks and Minerals (GEOS 2409, offered in Spring) as soon as possible, followed by Stratigraphy & Sedimentology (GEOS 3421).


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